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650kW Green 8mm Low - Oxygen Copper Continuous Casting Machine 15 tons/hr

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650kW Green 8mm Low - Oxygen Copper Continuous Casting Machine 15 tons/hr

650kW Green 8mm Low - Oxygen Copper Continuous Casting Machine 15 tons/hr
650kW Green 8mm Low - Oxygen Copper Continuous Casting Machine 15 tons/hr 650kW Green 8mm Low - Oxygen Copper Continuous Casting Machine 15 tons/hr

Large Image :  650kW Green 8mm Low - Oxygen Copper Continuous Casting Machine 15 tons/hr

Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: E&V
Model Number: CCR
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1set
Packaging Details: standard export packing
Delivery Time: 120days
Supply Ability: 1 set per 120 days
Detailed Product Description
Color: Bule Or Green Name: Continuous Casting And Rolling Machine
Product: 8mm Copper Rod Or 9.5mm Aluminum Weight Of Coil: 3.0~5.0tons
Capacity: 12~15tons/hr. Total Power Of Plant: 650kW
High Light:

copper casting machine


continous casting machine


Copper Continuous Casting Machine 15tons/hr

650kW Green 8mm Low - Oxygen Copper Continuous Casting Machine 15 tons/hr





1. Application and Composition

This plant works to produce low-oxygen copper rod in 8mm diameter by means of

continuous casting and rolling process, with cathode and copper scrap as the raw material.

The plant is composed of one set of tilting&refining furnace with 30 tons capacity,

five-wheel casting machine, drive unit, roller shears, straightener and burring unit, shaver,

rolling mill, coiler, and electrical control system. If cathode is used, a melting furnace(shaft

furnace) with 16-ton/hour capacity and 12-ton holding furnace are required.


2. Brief Process Flow

Charging copper scrap (grade 1 or grade 2) → melting and refining in tilting&refining

furnace → launder to protect molten copper → ladle → casting machine to get cast bar

→ roller shears → straightener → burring unit → shaver to treat cast bar → feed-in

unit → rolling mill → cooling unit to quench rod → winding unit to pre-shape rod →

star coiler to lay rod into coil.


3. Copper Scrap as raw material

Red copper scrap as the raw material must be Grade 1 or Grade 2.

3.1. Copper scrap on excellent grade (Pb<100, Sn<300, Ni<50, Zn<50, Fe<50 and Sb<20)

should be clean and non-alloy copper wires free from tin, containing no fragile burned

wires.copper contentno less than 98%

3.2. Copper scrap on grade 2 (Pb<1000, Sn<800, Ni<150, Zn<300, Fe< 500, Sb<100, S<200)

should be small director copper wires without insulation, usually containing telephone

wires, copper bus bar with varnish coating or paper insulation, and thick or thin, clean

copper bar.copper contentno less than 94%

Charging raw material requirement:grade1(copper contentno less than 98%) must be more than 50%,

grade 2(no less than 94%) no less than 30%,motor’s enamelled wire <20%(copper contentno less than 92%).


4. Main Technical Specifications

4.1. Diameter of rod: φ8mm

4.2. Capacity: 12~15tons/hr.

4.3. Weight of coil: 3.0~5.0tons

4.4. Overall dimension of plant: 40×7.8×6.1m (not including melting furnace and cooling

water circulation system)

4.5. Weight of plant: 85 tons (not including furnaces)

4.6. Total power of plant: 650kW (not including furnaces)


5. Components and Specifications

5.1. 30T tilting&refining furnace 1 set

5.1.1 Gas source requirement:( Description: the natural gas and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG)

are available, the following gas for example) 2 Calorific value: NG 8500 kcal/ Nm 3 Flux(combustion system): Q :450Nm 3 /h NG supply pressure: P:0.15—0.2Mpa Flux(reduction system): Q :300Nm 3 /h(working 2~3 hours)

Reduction system pressure: P:0.3—0.4Mpa

Or using living tree(wood) to reduce the oxygen in the liquid mixed metal. Compressed air source requirement(share with CCR) Flux: Q : 20m 3 /min Pressure: 0.4MPa Properties: Must be dry , no water and oiliness Cooling water Flux: Q : 100NM3/H Pressure: 0.4MPa Nitrogen Pressure: 0.6Mpa Q:200NM 3 /H(only one hour)

5.1.2. Equipment composition:

This set of tilting furnace including furnace body, DC drive system, gas combustion

system , REDOX system,electric control system.

Customer own:smoke hoods,chimney flue(about 50M), dust collection

system,charging device(forklift),launder,NG regulator station,air compressor,cooling

water supply system,power supply system ,direct reading spectrometer,oxygen

nitrogen analyzer,metallurgical temperature and oxygen online detector,tools of lay

bricks,tools and devices of commissioning,all installation material.

5.1.3. Technical specification Melting furnace type: titled type circular furnace Copper melting time: about 9 hours Oxidized time: about 2 hours Reduction time: about 2 hours Charging ways: forklift truck ends charging Furnace effective capacity: not less than 30T Raw material copper content no less than 98%+no less than 94%+no less than 92% NG consumption of per ton rod low-oxygen copper rod: 90~100NM3 Furnace lining Mg-chrome bricks and mg-chrome castable, etc Fuel NG Ignition method manual Dia of gas supply pipe DN100 The total power 80KW

5.2. Five-wheel Casting Machine 1 set

5.2.1. Diameter of casting wheel: φ1900mm

5.2.2. Speed of casting wheel: 1.84~2.814rpm

5.2.3. Delivery speed of cast bar: 10.17~15.56m/min


5.2.4. Cross sectional area of cast bar: 2300mm 2

5.2.5. Motor: 5.5kW (AC, variable frequency, speed regulated)

5.2.6. Pressure of cooling water: 0.3~0.5Mpa

5.2.7. Amount of cooling water: 170m 3 /h

5.2.8. Temperature of cooling water: < 35℃

Composed of casting wheel, press-down wheel, tension wheel, guide wheel, pouring ladle,

cooler, air blower, de-dusting brush, heater and carbonating device, cast bar taker, guide bridge,

carbonating device, drive mechanism, water regulator, pneumatic control system, all of which

are mounted on the same base plate except the guide wheel.

5.3. Roller Shears, 1 set

5.3.1. Motor: 15kW (AC variable frequency, speed regulated)

5.3.2. Length of cast bar cutting: 700mm

Composed of AC drive and needle cycloidal reducer two blades are fitted on the wheel of

the shears to cut the cast bar in a length of 700mm approximately.

5.4. Straightener & Burring Unit, 1 set

Composed of straightener and burring unit, with five wheels for straightener, two of which

on upper side and three of which on lower side fitted in alternative positions, the burring unit

has four blades to cut off the burr from the cast bar.

5.5. Shaver, 1 set

Motor 0.75kw

Shaver works to brush off chips on the surface of the cast bar after the burr is cut off, four

shaving rollers are individually driven by motors.

5.6. Continuous Rolling Mill(three roll) 1 set

5.6.1. Main motor: 450kW (DC)

5.6.2. Final rolling speed: 10m/sec. (max.)

5.6.3. Final diameter of rod: Dia. 8mm

5.6.4. Center height of rolling: 902.5mm

5.6.5. Quantity of total stands: 12 sets

5.6.6. Two-roller stands: 4 sets

5.6.7. Three-roller stands: 8 sets

5.6.8. Nominal diameter of roller: Dia. 255mm

Motorized feed-in device for rolling mill, with drive from the main transmission box, and

with pneumatic cylinder to clamp the cast bar and help to feed it into the first stand. 4 pairs of

stands with two rollers in 255mm diameter, 2 pairs of stand with vertical rollers, and 2 pairs of

stands with horizontal rollers work to roughen the cast bar, while 8 pairs of stands with rollers in

Y arrangement work to size the cast bar. The stands have upper drive and lower drive arranged

alternatively. In case of overloading during the rolling process, a pin in the safety shaft coupling

is cut off to protect the gears and the shaft.

5.7. Emulsion Lubrication System, 1 set

5.7.1. Emulsion pump: 80m 3 /hr, 15kW

5.7.2. Filter: GLQ-100

5.7.3. Chiller: 35m

The system is composed of chiller, filter, and two centrifugal pumps. Emulsion is pumped

through the centrifugal pump, filter, and chiller into the master pipeline on top of the gearbox,

and then flows into the stands via hoses to lubricate the gears, rollers, and inlet and outlet

positioners, and finally returns back to the emulsion tank via the return channel on the base of

the rolling mill.

5.8. Oil Lubrication System, 1 set

5.8.1. Gear pump: 5.5kW

5.8.2. Working pressure: 0.1~0.3Mpa

5.8.3. Filter: GLQ-80

5.8.4. Oil tank: 5m 3

This system is composed of oil tank, filter, and two gear pumps. Oil in the oil tank is

pumped through the filter into the master pipeline at the back of the gearbox, enters the gearbox

through three lines, and from oil nozzles lubricates the gears and rolling bearings by spray. Oil

finally returns to the oil tank from the low end of the gearbox.

5.9. Coiler, 1 set

It is composed of cooler, operation platform, clamp and delivery device, guide bridge,

circular winder, trolley, and alcoholic water supply system.

5.9.1. Drive unit

Drive speed: 11m/sec. (max.)

Drive motor 11kW (AC)

Two motorized clamp and delivery, with spring to adjust the pressure. AC motor drives a

clamp roller via V-belt to push the rod forward, while two pairs of gears driving another clamp

roller to push the rod simultaneously.

5.9.2. Rod winder

Coiling diameter: 1400mm

Winding motor: 4kW (AC, variable frequency and speed regulated)

Rod goes through a worm gear shaft under the thrust of the drive, enters a spiral pipe to be

pre-shaped, and then falls into the basket on trolley.

5.9.3. Coiler trolley

Coiling diameter: 1800mm

Height of coiler basket: 1500mm

Motor for basket rotation: 4kW (AC, variable frequency and speed regulated)

Two baskets, which are set on the trolley, are driven by a motor via a friction wheel

underneath so as to get rod laid down in star pattern. There is an air cylinder underneath the

trolley that moves the trolley to change the basket.

5.9.4. Cooling and blower system

Temperature of alcoholic water: <45C°

Consumption of alcoholic water: 50~80m 3 /h

Pressure of alcoholic water: > 0.5Mpa

The alcoholic water trough is in four sections, with a master inlet pipe and a master return

pipe. At the back of the trough there is a blower trough, and there is pressure meter for each

section of the trough, and temperature meter for the inlet master pipe and return pipe.

5.9.5. Alcoholic water supply system

Alcoholic water pump: 100m 3 /h, 30kW

Chiller: 80m 2 (consumption of water at 100ton/hr.)

This system is composed of one chiller and two centrifugal pumps. Alcoholic water is

pumped by the centrifugal pump through the chiller into the master inlet pipe and the cooling

trough, return pipe and finally back into the storage tank.

5.10. Electrical Control System, 1 set

5.10.1. Power source: 3-phase 4-line system, AC, 380V, 50Hz

5.10.2. Control circuit: single, AC, 220V

Including general electrical control, automatic display of temperature of the cast bar, speed

synchronization control among the casting machine, drive unit, rolling mill, and coiler. Motor

for the rolling mill is controlled by Siemens DC speed regulator. Control panel, console, and

temperature sensors are supplied, and the whole system is jointly controlled by PLC

touch-screen, which monitors all parameters in the operation process.


6. Scope of Supply

6.0. 30T Tilting&Refining Furnace 1 set

6.0.1. Furnace body Steel furnace shell Steel frame Wheel and rolling ring Short chimney(chimney flue :materials to be prepared by user and erected by user on

site) Charging door REDOX entry device Outlet Mg-chrome bricks, insulating bricks, mg-chrome castable Pneumatic device system: Air cylinder and pneumatic component REDOX system:REDOX device the components of REDOX gas control

system(control valves) DC drive system: roller wheel(4 sets) and reduction gears Combustion system: burners,blower,Control valves and pressure regulating system Electrical control system:valves control and temperature ,pressure display system,etc

6.1. Casting Machine 1 set

6.1.1. Casting machine, including drive and inner cooler

6.1.2. Press-down device, including over-bridge wheel

6.1.3. Tensioner

6.1.4. Outer cooler, including side cooler

6.1.5. Cast bar taker

6.1.6. Guide bridge

6.1.7. Casting ladle (only shell supplied, refractory lining and spout prepared by user on site)

6.1.8 . Main motor, including tachogenerator

6.1.9. Steel tape, 4 pieces, in which 3 for stand-by

6.1.10. Cooling water pumps (170m 3 /h, 37kW to be prepared by user)

6.1.11. Drainage pumps (100m 3 /h, 22kW to be prepared by user)

6.2. Auxiliary ( pretreatment ) Units 1 set

6.2.1. Drive (including pneumatic device)

6.2.2. Roller shears

6.2.3. Straightener and burring unit (including pneumatic device)

6.2.4. Shaver (including pneumatic device)

6.2.5. Feed-in unit (including pneumatic device)

6.3. Rolling mill 1 set

6.3.1. Main gearbox

6.3.2. Two-roller stand: 4 sets

6.3.3. Three-roller stand: 8 sets

6.3.4. Lubricating supply system, including filtering system

6.3.5. Emulsion supply system, including filtering system

6.3.6. Main motor, including tachogenerator

6.4. Coiler 1 set

6.4.1. Rod reduction, blower, including alcoholic water cooling system, alcoholic water tank

to be prepared by user

6.4.2. Drive capstan

6.4.3. Reducer box for take-up

6.4.4. Swing head

6.4.5. Star take-up coiler, including trolley and track

6.5. Electrical Control System 1 set

6.5.1. Operation desk for casting machine

6.5.2. Control panel for auxiliary units

6.5.3. Operation desk for rolling mill, rectifier panel, switch-gear panel

6.5.4. Emulsion and oil circuit control panel

6.5.5. Emulsion and oil circuit control panel

6.5.6. Operation desk for coiler


7. Remark

7.1. External water supply system for furnace and casting machine to be prepared by user

7.1.1. Cooling water pump for casting machine: 37kW, 170 m 3 /hr., 2 sets (one for standby)

7.1.2. Water draining pump: 11 kW, 50 m 3 /hr., 2 sets

7.1.3. Cooling tower: 200 m 3 /hr., 2 sets

7.1.4. Water supply pump for chiller: 22kW, 100 m 3 /hr., 4 sets (two sets for standby)

7.1.5. All kinds of pipes and pipe circuits

7.2. Compressed air system to be prepared by user

7.3. Wires and cables from power source distribution station to control panels, wires and

cables from control panel to operation desk and cables from workshop to local state grid to

be prepared by user

7.4. Seller to supply CD Rom for PLC programming and list of easy-to-wear parts



650kW Green 8mm Low - Oxygen Copper Continuous Casting Machine 15 tons/hr 0

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