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What are the continuous casting machine equipment?

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What are the continuous casting machine equipment?
Latest company news about What are the continuous casting machine equipment?
What are the continuous casting machine equipment? The following answer.
Continuous casting machine put the high temperature molten steel continuously cast into a certain section shape and size must be called continuous casting slab of the production process.
Equipment required to complete this process is called continuous casting equipment. Casting steel equipment, continuous casting machine equipment, cutting area of ontology, collection and transportation equipment of dummy bar mechanical and electrical integration of liquid form a continuous cast steel core parts of the equipment, customarily referred to as the continuous casting machine.
Equipment categories:
Continuous casting machine can be classified according to a variety of forms. The caster if the shape of the structure can be divided into vertical continuous casting machine, bending type continuous casting machine, with a straight segment arc continuous caster, arc continuous caster, radius more oval casting machine and horizontal continuous casting machine. With the development of continuous casting technology, and carried out the wheel type continuous casting machine, especially the research of thin slab continuous caster.
If the caster casting the size and shape of cross section to differentiate, can be divided into the slab continuous caster, caster small billet caster, bloom continuous casting machine, round billet continuous casting machine, special-shaped cross-section continuous caster and thin slab continuous casting machine. Also including rectangular billet continuous caster in billet continuous casting machine, usually the casting section or equivalent sectional area is greater than 200 x 200 mm slab is called bloom, section or equivalent sectional area is smaller than 160 x 160 mm slab is called small billet, generous ratio greater than 3 rectangular billet called slab.
If according to the continuous caster in the Shared a ladle under can cast slab flow number to distinguish, the flows can be divided into single, double or more continuous casting machine.

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