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Vertical continuous casting (vertical continuous casting)

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Vertical continuous casting (vertical continuous casting)
Latest company news about Vertical continuous casting (vertical continuous casting)
Casting and casting solidification process is carried out in a state of vertical continuous casting | iron type. This kind of continuous casting tundish, mold and secondary cooling zone, drawing machine, cutting equipment, and accepts scale casting and a series of equipment and operation are arranged in a vertical center line. At the beginning of molten steel in tundish after injection mould, NingZhu billet by the secondary cooling zone accelerate coagulation, by throwing machine to pull out, set the speed after cutting to length slab into double steel bucket, skip level after casting slab put to state by the freight roller conveyer (pit casting machine has a hoist to slab transferring to ground surface by the ground again after roller output), or by the double steel bucket tilt to the oblique type crawler conveyor, by the crawler conveyor slab to the ground by the ground roller table output, again by tensile steel (or pushing) machine to push slab to focus on the cooling bed. Vertical continuous casting is the first to use in industrial production.
Its main technical features are:
(1) from the tundish with vertical mold, large particle inclusions and some small inclusions are likely to rise to the surface, using casting slag, slag inclusion can be absorbed, and residue in the slab inclusion distribution is uniform, there will not be a curved surface inclusion in continuous casting slab, accumulation phenomenon.
(2) uniform slab cooling, solidified structure symmetry.
(3) the billet in the solidification process and within the casting machine does not suffer the effect of external force such as bending, straightening, slab internal won't have crack defects caused by mechanical stress, and because of its high static pressure of liquid steel, easy to solidification feeding, so the vertical continuous casting is suitable for casting alloy and crack sensitivity high.
But great total height of vertical continuous casting equipment, casting solidification in vertical state, equipment total height and with the increase of the casting billet section and increases with the increase of drawing speed, slab length too long cast machine height is big, the height of the vertical casting machine commonly two times larger than the height of arc continuous caster, casting section slab, same type arc casting machine is only 1/3 of the height of vertical casting machine.
Such as the height of the large slab and billet casting machine (casting platform to the output of roller surface distance) in more than 30 m, generally small cross-section of vertical height of casting machine also need to 20 m or so, so high plant height or the casting machine part of the equipment must be built in a hole in the ground.
Therefore vertical continuous casting construction quantity is big, the construction of the high cost of the workshop or pit. In addition the casting out a trouble, once the casting process fault occurs, the casting machine can only stop working.
Since the 1960 s arc continuous caster, the construction of vertical continuous casting machine for arc basically machine instead.
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