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Lead copper aluminum and zinc to have a short rang

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Lead copper aluminum and zinc to have a short rang
Latest company news about Lead copper aluminum and zinc to have a short rang

Suppression of the many negative factors, the non-ferrous metal prices did not fall further, but to start in the current price shock consolidation, the domestic market is emerging funds involved in the case of hunters. Recently, the major investment banks have raised expectations for commodities, partly to stimulate the market is risk appetite, so long to regain confidence, stimulate the metal prices upward. However, there are many negative factors in the macro side, the metal of the recent trend of difficult market, is still the main theme of shock.
Collective non-ferrous metals bounce

  25, the Shanghai Nonferrous Metals lead across the board rally driving. Shanghai 1109 contract rose by 2.43% lead to 17,090 yuan / ton, quickly pulled up 160 points late. Shanghai copper contract rose 1.27% in 1108 to 66,960 yuan / ton and Shanghai zinc also rose 1.98%. Outer disk, as at this writing, the London Metal generally higher.
Jia Zheng that the East Asian futures analyst, commodities experienced a sharp decline in early, the prices have been much lower than in April, the downstream market purchases have begun procurement, promote the recovery in prices, shows the current price is accepted by the market . The investment bank Goldman Sachs and other re-sing of crude oil and copper, raised the price this year is expected, from the psychological level, to a certain degree of confidence to the bulls and encouragement. In addition, the market generally believes that the current domestic consumption of metal in the inventory stage, especially in the late third quarter, China may once again enter the market purchases, so the upstream smelting enterprises and traders are more reluctant to sell, a little tight spot market inventory.

Cheng Kwok Wing futures analyst said that as the market worries about debt crisis for the EU slowed down, commodity prices rebound; positive U.S. housing data, but also stimulate the market sentiment; dollar stalemate near the 76 point movement, the bull- metal prices.
  "Qi is non-ferrous metals rebounded yesterday, the specific reasons vary, but overall still has a linkage between. First of all, Goldman Sachs sing copper and zinc to provide confidence for the bulls; Secondly, the copper spot strong, premium larger, long-term supply tight, prices obtained on support; As for zinc, it is the result of pre-sales of the oversold bounce, but the stock inventory pressure still exists; Finally, the Shanghai aluminum purely with inflation, there may be a little hype factor Electricity Shortage. "Wing to the futures analyst Zhu Shiwei , told reporters.

  For larger lead futures rose yesterday, Guo Cheng said, "Lun Hu overnight lead by lead, opening drive away, late departure is the emergence of signs of short stops, which lead prices increased substantially."
Still dominated recent turmoil

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