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China's copper pole market monitoring and report investment prospect

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China's copper pole market monitoring and report investment prospect
Latest company news about China's copper pole market monitoring and report investment prospect
In 2014-2019 "issued by the data of Chinese copper rod market monitoring and investment prospects research report, a total of ten chapters. Introduces the copper rod industry overview, Chinese copper rod industry operating environment, the paper analyzes the current situation of China's copper pole industry, China's copper pole industry competition pattern, for China's copper pole industry key enterprises operating performance analysis and forecast Chinese copper rod industry development prospects and investment. If you want to know about copper rod industry have a system or want to invest in copper industry, this report is an indispensable important tool for you.
Copper rod is primarily used as a raw material of wire and cable production. With the development of national economy and the speeding up of global economic integration, energy, electric power, electrical appliances, electronics, communication, space technology got rapid development, thus the growing demand for electricity use copper.
Usage in the cable industry at home and abroad is dominant copper rod continuous casting and rolling of low oxygen copper rod continuous casting and the oxygen free copper rod; Hypoxia tonggan generally made of purple miscellaneous copper scrap processing, oxygen free copper rod is mostly produced by copper cathode (electrolytic copper). Both because of different raw materials and processing method, the existence of microstructure and oxygen condition is different, have their own different characteristics.
Copper wire rod is mainly used for electric wire electric cable, twisted three areas of winding wire, electrical equipment, including the largest proportion of wire and cable. Led by state grid investment growth, will also increase in the amount of wire and cable, so that the copper demand of alignment pole remained stable; And air conditioning, electrical, household appliances and other products are greatly influenced by the crisis, especially in exports has been hit, demand for copper alignment pole fell in the area.
On copper conductors, on the one hand, to strengthen the made from low grade copper with special processing craft electrician copper rod exploration research, in order to reduce the production cost; On the other hand should strengthen the enameled wire and cable products such as car line with a study of the copper rod. China's copper pole enterprise production capacity is much greater than the industry level of demand.
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